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Preventive Maintenance Program


Home Restoration Service (HRS) provides our clients with an opportunity of enrolling in our “Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)” as a way to obtain peace of mind and control over expenses related to the upkeep and maintenance of your home.




Enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance Program gives a home owner the following:


  1. Locked in low rates. The rates written into your contract are locked in from the date of enrollment for a period of 15 months. This guarantees that you will never be charged a higher rate for our work then the rate written into your PMP contract, regardless of any rate increases that occur during the term of your contract. Subsequent renewal of your contract also retains your initial low rates.


  1. Sixty dollars ($60.00) credit. A sixty dollar ($60.00) credit comes with enrollment and can be used towards future work until this credit amount has been used up. In addition, if the full amount has not been used up, then we will carry over any unused credit when you renew your PMP enrollment.


  1. One free “Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI)”. Our PMI includes a top to bottom, inside and outside; curb to alley inspection of your home. We inspect all exposed plumbing, walls, ceilings, floors, brickwork, siding, gutters, roofing, fencing, and sprinkler systems as part of this process. Each inspection results in a written report of noted exceptions. Your free PMI can be scheduled at any time during the life of your contract. Additional PMI’s can be obtained for the nominal fee of $69.95.


  1. After hours scheduling of service calls. Call up until 9:00 PM to request our services.


  1. After hours emergency services. When an emergency service call is needed to handle things like water leaks, wind or fire damage, etc.; call up until 9:00 PM and we will have one of our contractors at your home within an hour. This service is available at a nominal service charge of just $10.00 per hour above your normal low rates covered under your contract.


  1. Priority Scheduling. All PMP enrollees are given preference in work scheduling, especially when emergency repairs are needed.


  1. Access to “Endorsed Local Providers (ELP)”. HRS has developed a list of ELP’s from our direct business contacts or those of our customers. An ELP is a company that offers services not directly offered by HRS, yet is one that we know will provide a reliable, quality service at a reasonable price for our clients. Access to this private list is ONLY available to those home owners who have enrolled in our Preventive Maintenance Program.


  1. Transferability. Your PMP enrollment is transferable to a new home should you move from your current location as long as the new home is within our service area of the Denton, Dallas, or Collin counties. It is also transferable to any buyer of your existing home covered by our contract.




Enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance Program provides the following benefits to a home owner:


1.      Cost savings – Fixed rates ensure that you know what hourly rate will be charged for the duration of the contract.


2.      Peace of Mind – Preferential scheduling, combined with our free PMI, help a home owner know that they can get projects completed when they need them. Plus a PMI can give a home owner a feel for what areas of their home may need work done to prevent problems before they happen.


3.      Time Savings – Need someone to work on your HVAC? Finding the right company who will deliver a service quickly at a reasonable cost is simple. Just contact HRS for access to one of our Endorsed Local Providers.


4.      Low Cost – The cost of enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance Program is just $10.00 per month paid a year in advance.


To find out more about our “Preventive Maintenance Program”, contact HRS by phone or email today.


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