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HRS services residential home owners, real estate investors and commercial customers.





Residential Customers, Real Estate Investors, and Vacation Home Owners


This is our primary market. In this market we service the following needs: 


  • Home Remodeling


We can do complete home remodeling for our clients. HRS manages entire home remodeling projects from new texturing, painting, to assisting with remodeling design using one of our own design contractors to help you obtain the desired finished look for your home.



  • Home Repair


HRS handles all types of general repair needs, from the leaky faucet to installing new doors. No job is too small and all clients receive the same excellent service.


  • Home Maintenance


We have many clients who are either: single female home owners, retired couples, or couples too busy to do the small projects necessary for general home maintenance. We regularly change air filters, batteries in smoke detectors, hang pictures, install mirrors, change light bulbs, or install sprinkler hoses for some of these clients.


  • Investment Rehab Services


HRS can do a complete home rehab for our clients. HRS provides entire home rehab remodeling services for any real estate investment need. We can perform a complete redo on new investment rental properties; or an upgrade for investors looking to flip a property; or for existing properties, HRS can provide on call maintenance or make ready support as needed.


  • Home Owner "Make Ready" Services

HRS provides complete home "make ready" services for our clients. HRS began to and continues to provide "make ready" services in 2007 for a company titled "We Buy North Texas Homes" which does property management on over 200 homes for its clients. Since then we have also performed "make ready" services to over 30 individual home owners that needed to obtain a refreshing look and feel for their homes as they prepared them for sale. This service includes but is not limited to: cleaning, carpentry work, roof repair, repainting, replacement of dated fixtures and faucets, fence repair, cleaning and staining.


As part of this service, we offer a free pre-sale inspection and of course, free estimates.


Thinking of selling your home, then use the HRS "make ready" service to obtain the best return and help ensure a quicker sale for your home. Just click here on "Contact us" for an immediate response.


  • Vacation Homes


HRS offers complete remodeling services for any vacation property. We can perform a complete redo on vacation properties; or add an upgrade such as a guest house over a boat dock (one of our specialties) to maximize the enjoyment of your vacation property. HRS also provides on call maintenance or make ready support as needed for these properties.




Commercial Customers



HRS can do whatever remodeling or repair work that is needed by our commercial clients. In the past we have built out commercial spaces, from office spaces to retail store fronts.


In addition, HRS now has the skilled resources with over 36 years of experience on hand to handle new construction from planning/design through complete build out, and the passing of all inspections, of small free standing offices for doctor's, dentist's, and other professional services. 



 For further information or an appointment for a free quote, Contact Us.








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