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“What we charge” and “How we charge for our services”.


There are two standard ways that a client can be charged for contractor services.


  1. One method is “Fixed Price “. This method is derived by having a contractor come out and look at the work that needs to be done and then prepare a fixed price quote for the client.


Pros:   The client knows exactly how much getting the work done will cost.



Cons:  In the client’s eyes and at first glance, fixed pricing appears to be the best option. However, use of this pricing method is faulty for several reasons:


a.                  The contractor must bid high enough to handle any unknowns that might come up when actual work is begun. For instance, repairing water damage to a ceiling. Since what is behind the drywall on the ceiling is an unknown, allowances for extra time have to be factored into the bid as a contingency safety net.


b.                  The client must pay the fixed amount regardless of how little time was actually needed to complete the work.


c.                  On big jobs, when contractors miscalculate or under bid to obtain the business; one of three things or all three occur:


                                                              i.      First the contractor realizes his mistake and begins to cut corners on time and materials leaving the finished product less than acceptable;

                                                            ii.      Second; the contractor is back with the client to renegotiate the cost of the job usually resulting in a final cost that is higher than original bids submitted by others; or

                                                          iii.      Third, faced with the prospect of loosing money by continuing to do the work for the client, the contractor walks off the job leaving it unfinished. Now the client is faced with finding someone else to complete the job. And this option may require additional costs associated with fixing the mess left behind.



  1.  The second pricing method is “Time and Materials”. Here a contractor will still come out and evaluate the work needed and then give you a quote on their hourly rates.


Pros:   The customer knows exactly how much per hour they will be charged.


Cons:  The client doesn’t really have a complete handle on the complete cost. This method has the following faults:


a.                  The contractor doesn’t have any real incentive to complete the job in a speedy manner. The longer it takes, the more they are paid.


b.                  While an estimate of hours may be given, there is no cap, so cost overruns are often the norm.


Instead of using either of the above pricing methods, the pricing strategy used by Home Restoration Service is a modification of the standard “Time and materials” approach.


As with the other methods, a contractor will come out and inspect the home; and discuss with the owner their needs and expectations. Next, a free quote will be delivered with best estimates given on a range of labor time needed as well as material costs. In addition, we provide an estimated completion date based upon total elapsed time for the job.


Our Modified Time and Materials pricing differs from the other standard pricing methods in the following ways:


  1. All of our bids include a low expectation of cost as well as a high expectation of costs.


  1. We require our clients to inspect the work performed on a daily basis to ensure that the progress and quality are up to the client’s expectations.


  1. When exceptions occur that may have an impact of any significance on either time or materials; we immediately inform our clients and let them make the call as to what they want us to do.


  1. We don't mark up materials. Instead, a modest trip charge is applied for pick up and delivery of materials. And our clients receive a copy of all receipts.



Pros:   The client knows approximately how much getting the work done will cost and HRS is protected from the unknowns that cost us money.


                  In addition, this approach has the following benefits:

a.            If the job is done sooner, the client is charged less.

b.            An inspection process keeps the client aware of progress.

c.            Exceptions are handled with the client involved.

d.            Our clients receive a copy of all receipts for materials.

e.            Since we are protected, we can afford to offer our services at a lower cost.


Cons:  It is not fixed price.




Use of this pricing approach has worked well for HRS and our clients now for over 9 years. Our pricing is such that the more people we put on the job to complete your project within the quoted price ranges, the less you pay on an hourly basis.


Most important, Home Restoration Service has achieved and consistently maintained a "A+" rating with the Dallas area Better Business Bureau where we are an active member in good standing. All of our bids are detailed, honest, and designed in the best interests of our clients.


Our policy of no markup on materials saves our client’s money.


Usually contractors stay at the job site during the entire day. Lunch is often provided on-site by HRS and there is no charge to the client for time taken for lunch.


We are committed to beginning work on the date agreed to and completing your project by an agreed to end date.


It is our policy to use the right contractors for the tasks at hand. With our number of contractors, we have the right mix of skill sets to get almost any job done right the first time. For any task requiring special skills, we have access to a pool of other contractors to meet the needs of our clients.


Our contractors show up between 7:00 and 8:30 AM and work steadily until between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM.


We normally work Monday through Friday until the job is completed.


Most of our contractors have been with HRS for several years and since 2001 not one client has ever lost any personal items. So you, your family and your home are always in safe hands with HRS.


Since 2001 we serviced over  hundreds of different job requests, all using this pricing method; to the benefit and satisfaction of our clients.


Client references are available upon request.


A quote on our hourly rates is given at the time a bid is prepared. You will find by shopping around that we are well under our competition. In fact we have have kept our rates today at or below our 2006 rates.


Free quotes are available at all times.


And “Yes”, if forced to do it, we will do a fixed price bid; but I can guarantee that it will always be higher than the high range quoted using our “Modified Time and Materials” pricing. That’s because we don’t want to loose money, nor do we want to short you on the quality of the finished product.


We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.


Our pricing works because of our philosophy: “We need to make an honest living, not a killing off of our customers. I tell my clients that I try to spend their money as if I were doing their job for myself. If I think that what you asked for can be done better and at less cost, then I am quick to recommend that approach as a solution.”


We can provide you with references to any of our clients. They will all tell you that they received quality work at a fair price.


For further information, Contact Us.



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