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HRS Service Policy


Home Restoration Service Policy For Serving the Needs of Our Clients


At all times, Home Restoration Service is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients at the lowest price possible; even if that means referring you to another service source.


For those tasks which we feel we are fully qualified in performing, HRS will provide a FREE ESTIMATE.


For those client requests that are outside of the areas of our expertise or where we feel that one of our ELPs can assist you at a lower cost, we will provide a free referral.


For example: While we are fully qualified and prepared to do fencing and roofing; however we restrict our efforts to fence and roofing repairs only. The reason for this, is that I know that our ELPs who specialize in these areas will provide you with a new fence or roof at a much lower rate then HRS because that is their only business. They obtain quantity discounts on materials which we don't have access to, and they have complete crews of experienced specialists who can get the work done quicker to save you money.

The bottom line is this: Home Restoration Service can provide quality, cost effective services to meet almost all of your home repair/remodeling needs. However, when we cannot meet your needs, either because of lack of skills (i.e. foundation repair) or because we feel that you would be better served by a specialist (total roof replacement); then we will provide you with our best known Endorsed Local Provider - ELP to save you money.


We know by providing this referral service and giving up this business; you as a customer will use us for our honesty for other services.


I tell all potential clients: "I like to spend your money as if it was coming out of my pocket." If I think you are better served by using someone else, I will tell you. If I think that what you have been told by others is not needed, then I will also tell you that as well.




We don't want you as a one time client; we want you as our client forever.


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